Çalış beach

Calis Beach, which is 5 kilometres away from the town centre of Fethiye, is one of the most important accommodation and entertainment centres of the region. Knight Island, which can be considered as the entrance gate of the Port of Fethiye, is situated just across. Since the access for Calıs Beach can be had through public transport and by charter taxis as well as through the sea by small charter boats, this provides great ease for the holidaymakers. Chilly evenings of the hot summer days is the privilege of the people who prefer to stay at Calis.

The Calis Beach, which is one of the most important nesting areas of caretta caretta tortoises, also includes the Calis Natural Park – Bird Sanctuary in which 219 different types have been determined until today.

It is a centre, where the most romantic sunset is watched in the Mediterranean, where the regional culture is made to live through in the Nomad Tent, where all of the choices have been offered for an pleasant holiday and where it has all kinds of facilities to host local and foreign guests.

If water sports and especially wind-surf is amongst your habits that you could not do without during your holiday, then Calis must be the most ideal selection for you.