The antiquities belonging to the Kaunos antique city that have been excavated show that the history of Dalyan dates back to 300 BC. However archaeologists, who have determined that it had been burgled throughout the history, believe that the past of this town could be 5.000 years at least.

Kaunos, who has been reach enough that he had golden coins on his own name, had been under the sovereignty of Ionians, 12 Port Association, Great Alexander, Romans, Byzantines, Rhodian Knights, Seljuks, Mentese Principality and the Ottoman Empire during the later times. It has been determined that the acropol, which is situated on the hill that is just near to it, had been repaired during the period of the Ottomans. This shows on the other hand that it had been a place that people have been living there until the recent times.

King Graves of Kaunos : Graves, which are standing out for 300 years, will greet you in an magnificent way. The graves, which are known to be carved on the cliffs for religious reasons, are the most important symbol of Dalyan.

Iztuzu Beach: Iztuzu Beach, whose one side is the Dalyan channel and the other side is open sea, is a wonderful beach whose example could not be found anywhere else around the world. This beach, which is used by the Caretta caretta tortoises for nesting, is under protection. Iztuzu Beach, which has golden colour sand, has been elected as the second beach in the world that keeps its naturalness.