Add a new dimension on to your holiday by discovering the Lycia civilisation as it has been the most important mysterious milestones of the Anatolian history. You can dream about the culture of Turkey with many stories, its folklore and its legends and can discover some of the most magnificent antique monuments of the world and the breathtaking nature.

Countless historical richness is also in existence in this region where it is protected as being within a archaeological site. Faralya, where you could see the ruins of Ancient Roma and Lycis and many natural richness all together, is also very close to the Butterfly Valley.

Kaya Koy, Tlos and Saklikent, Xanthos, Pınara, Patara, Kalkan and Kas, Uzumlu, Myra and Kekova, Dalyan and Blue Crabs, Dalyan, Kaunos and Caretta Caretta Tortoises are the places and creatures that has to be seen.

It is a paradise that is waiting to be discovered on the road to Lyca with its pine forests, deep blue sea and with its historical riches.… The bay that is situated below Faralya is magnificent. As a matter of fact, Faralya has the characteristic of being a painting on its own; you can not take your eyes off it since it simply offers a visual feast for the eye.... You can stay in our hotel and step into the tranquil. Every moment you live through in this place that possesses this unique view and the nature would become immortal in your mind.

Faralya is affiliated to Mugla-Fethiye and it is a region that is visited rather a lot especially during the summer times. Although there is not any certain information as to where its name comes from but there are various rumours about it. The most wide spread one amongst these is the name of Uzunyurt. This village, which is situated 22 kilometres away from Fethiye and 8 kilometres away from Oludeniz, has three small districts.

Oludeniz, which is one of the most beautiful shores of the world, is located only 8 kilometres away from this quiet home. Fethiye, which is a dynamic port town and shopping centre is 22 kilometres away and the Dalaman Airport is 80 kilometres away.

Traditional Mediterranean climate is prevailing in the region. Local community generally earn their keep by producing olives or vegetables and by beekeeping.