Lissiya Lissiya in life who care about you in every sense of the houses are designed to be independent from each other, see each other in private to you by all means ...


Embedded into the valley, the entire house is designed as an extension of nature overlooking the sea with Lissie, guests with nature brings a unique quality and comfort. A total of 2 suites and 6 double rooms with serving Lissie, fireplace in the suite, double air conditioning and a jacuzzi with every season best service blue you endless with balcony located in ensuring that all rooms and offers a unique course of the sky covered with stars at night.



Our address pool that will be indispensable during the day, you all kinds of activities during the day, to leave the place in the evening pleasant and cheerful conversation, it will be your most special places.



Classic massage programs with different presentations and personal synthesis that brings together experts Liissi Hotel surrounds you in tune with your body and you will experience the feeling of dissolving.



Color harmony within you in your private Jacuzzi. Mind, body and soul can be found in one cleaning. Your body, calm the mind of your mold behind, to reach serenity.