A special invitation for the ones who wish to experience the unique delight that could be provided by a perfect table during the first hours of a sunny day together with the unique sea view or during a night that is like a dream as it is full of stars....


Lissiya cuisine, which operates with its objective of always addressing your taste and the natural flavour in its unique architecture, includes Ottoman, Greek and Armenian meals that are known as the "Turkish cuisine". The kitchen, which is managed by specialist chefs, can also offer other tastes such as various Italian style pastas and risotto for its guests upon request. The most important feature of Lissiya, where the purity and nature dominate in full, is the fact that all of the ingredients used for the meals offered for your taste is grown in its own garden. Besides, special diets and alternatives are also made available according to the information received during the reservation with regards to the preferences and health requirements of individuals.



"Lissie Hotel with sea views and stars enjoy a delightful dinner of" unique views to whet your işatıhı ... Our hotel experience, we are pleased to welcome you with a professionally team.



Our poolside bar serving, to continue to offer you all the beauty and innovation from the first day of each new happiness duyacaktır.güneşlenirk, the variety of drinks while relaxing or having fun and leave Let us give you the happiest day of our food.



You smell and birds chirp in a unique nature and the sea in the early hours of a sunny day against a spectacular view, accompanied by you, accompanied by the smell and the birds singing, how about starting with a rich breakfast the day?