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Best Boutique Honeymoon Hotel in Faralya, Fethiye

Lissiya Hotel:
Faralya's Romantic Retreat

Lissiya Hotel offers an unforgettable holiday experience for couples seeking a romantic getaway integrated with nature. Situated in the unique Faralya region of Fethiye, our hotel stands out with its private pool rooms, breathtaking forest views, and a unique concept.

Rooms & Suites

We are at your service with our beautiful and private rooms.

Rooms Integrated with Nature and Private Pools

Our rooms, each independent and scattered amidst the forest, provide a romantic atmosphere immersed in nature. Enjoying the sunset in your private pool is a special privilege offered by Lissiya Hotel.

Unique Breakfast Experience and Sea View Restaurant

Our hotel provides the opportunity to start your day with a spectacular scattered breakfast accompanied by the breathtaking views of Faralya. Our restaurant offers a special menu blending local and international cuisines, creating an unforgettable culinary experience.

Common Pool and Jacuzzi

For couples seeking romantic moments, our hotel features a common pool and jacuzzi. An ideal space to cool off and relax in a peaceful atmosphere surrounded by nature.

Exclusive Wine Menu and Culinary Journey

Despite having only 14 rooms, Lissiya Hotel boasts a wide and select wine menu. Specially curated wines chosen by our experts await to enhance your holiday experience.

Lissiya Hotel is not just a destination for romance but also a place to discover different flavors amidst the serene atmosphere of Faralya. Join us to feel the tranquility of nature, create special moments, and indulge in a holiday filled with delightful experiences. Book now and make memories that will last a lifetime!