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Professional Massage Experience

To shed the fatigue of the day and truly relax, take advantage of our professional massage service at Lissiya Hotel. Spoil your body with private massage sessions offered in the comfort of each room and explore mental relaxation.
Experienced Masseurs: Lissiya Hotel provides guests with an unforgettable massage experience with experienced and expert masseurs. We offer special massage techniques carefully selected to relieve tension in your body and maintain mental balance.
Private Massage Packages: Each guest has unique needs. Therefore, we aim to provide guests with a special experience by offering various massage packages, ranging from back and shoulder massages to aromatherapy massages.
Massage Enjoyment with Room Amenities: In our specially designed rooms, you can enjoy personalized massage sessions. Massages accompanied by a relaxing natural view will make your stay even more special.

Wine Tasting

Lissiya Hotel offers not only romantic holidays and boutique weddings, but also unforgettable tasting days and wine experiences for wine lovers. In the embracing atmosphere of nature, on the mysterious shores of Faralya, Lissiya Hotel brings you together with unique wines.

If you want to be among the wine enthusiasts and have an unforgettable wine experience with Lissiya Hotel's unique tasting days, book now. For more information and details
Tasting Days: Lissiya Hotel organizes carefully selected events every month with special tasting days to introduce guests to exquisite wines and provide a flavorful experience. Conducted with expert sommeliers, the tasting days welcome those curious about the world of wine.
Wine Experiences: Lissiya Hotel's meticulously selected wine cellar includes a broad wine collection that caters to your palate. Guests can discover these exclusive wines in the elegant ambiance of the hotel and have the chance to receive information from the expert team.
Special Wine Menus: The special wine menus held in the hotel's chic restaurant offer a perfect harmony of memorable flavors with wines. Every sip transforms into an unforgettable taste experience alongside carefully selected wines.