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Lissiya Restaurant

A Natural and Rich Culinary Adventure

Lissiya’s cuisine, which always aims to satisfy your palate with its unique architecture and natural flavors, consists of dishes from the Ottoman, Greek, and Armenian cuisines, collectively known as “Turkish cuisine.”
The kitchen, led by talented chefs, also offers a variety of Italian-style pasta dishes and risottos upon request, providing guests with different tastes to enjoy.
One of the remarkable features of Lissiya, where purity and nature prevail, is that all the ingredients used in the meals are grown in its own garden.
Furthermore, personalized diets and alternatives are available based on the preferences and health needs of guests, which are gathered during the reservation process.

Lissiya Restaurant

A Natural and Rich Culinary Adventure

Lissiya Restaurant stands out with its unique architecture, bringing together the traditional flavors of Turkish cuisine with an original approach. Our special menu combines Ottoman, Greek, and Armenian dishes with influences from international cuisines, offering an unforgettable culinary feast for your palate.
Purity and Naturalness: The most significant feature of Lissiya is the use of entirely natural and locally sourced ingredients in our kitchen. Our dishes, prepared with fresh and high-quality ingredients, bring the exquisite flavors provided by nature to your table.

Personalized Diets: To support healthy and conscious eating, we offer personalized diet options based on the information gathered during reservations. This allows each guest to explore flavors that align with their individual dietary preferences and health needs.

Lissiya Restaurant is not just a dining experience; it is a culinary adventure filled with the purity and freshness offered by nature. We are eager to delight our guests' palates with unique flavors. Book now and savor an evening filled with rich and diverse tastes!

Lissiya Bar

Poolside Pleasure Time
Lissiya Bar offers guests a unique experience as a special venue located by the pool. We take great pleasure in enhancing your enjoyable moments with a variety of refreshing drinks and snacks that are renewed every day.
Innovation and Elegance: Each new day at Lissiya Bar begins with specially crafted drink and food options just for you. Our distinguished wine menu, combined with our selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, invites you to a unique holiday experience.
Soak Up the Sun : Whether sunbathing, relaxing, or having a fun-filled day, enjoy your happiest moments with the diverse drinks and snacks at Lissiya Bar. Our expert bar team is ready to delight you with carefully crafted beverages while offering a magnificent view.

Lissiya Bar not only provides drinks and delicious snacks but also creates an ideal atmosphere for making unforgettable memories in a warm setting. Come join us and add color to your beautiful days at Lissiya Bar! A day filled with exquisite wines, cocktails, and unique flavors awaits you.

Unique Breakfast Experience

Start with the Beauty of Nature and Sea
In the early hours of a sunny day, are you ready to enjoy a magnificent breakfast surrounded by the unique nature and sea views of Lissiya Hotel, accompanied by bird chirps and pleasant aromas?
Floating Breakfast on your private pool : If you want to start your day with an energizing experience by the pool, you can add color to your day with our floating breakfast option. Scattered breakfast plates and freshly squeezed fruit juices ensure you begin your day with energy.
Breakfast in Bed: In our exclusive rooms, experience the privilege of having breakfast in the peaceful atmosphere of the morning, right in the comfort of your bed. The selected flavors will be brought to your door with room service.
Breakfast in the Jacuzzi: On your private terrace or in the two-person jacuzzi by the window, you can enjoy a romantic breakfast experience accompanied by the sounds of nature. Carefully prepared breakfast plates await you to savor the view.

Lissiya Hotel turns the breakfast experience into a ritual, allowing you to start the day with positive energy and flavor. Book now and savor a day filled with our unique breakfast options!